We don’t just follow trends,
we create them

Creating spaces that fit seamlessly into their landscape is what we do. 

We take a holistic view of the space and its surrounding area, and hand pick every element to maximize its beauty and optimize its functionality. Our ability to visualize what’s creatively possible in a space, and successfully execute this vision, is what makes our clients’ projects stand apart.

Hand-picked products and a finely tuned process

We’ve been creating outdoor spaces for more than 30 years, and our process reflects that. We have a sixth sense in how to best navigate our diverse clients through our process—knowing when to engage them and when to take a creative lead is our strength. We also intimately understand the land, so our timelines are built to accommodate its unique requirements. Our process is established, but fluid enough to adapt to each project’s unique needs.

1. INitial COnsultation

We take the time to learn our client’s goals for the outdoor space, and ensure we have a shared vision what the final space could be. We then present the client with an estimate and timeline for their review and approval.

2. Design Phase

We take the shared vision from the initial consultation and bring our own creative lens to the project, presenting custom sketches that detail how to bring the project to life. We make refinements as required and approved.

3. PLanning

Our team meets and carefully maps out the plan for the project, assigning the right person to each job and putting timelines and key dates into place.

4. Construction

Our team begins the construction process according to our plan. Ensuring we have the best products and tools available is a top priority. We conduct quality control checks throughout the process.

5. Design Evolutions

We check in with our clients throughout the project to ensure they are happy with the translation from paper to green. These are the junctures where we happily make adjustments as the client desires.

6. Project COmpletion

Once we have finished the project we do a final walk-through with our clients to ensure it fully meets their vision. We check in periodically, and are often brought back to build out new areas.